4 Reasons to see a dermatologist

4 Reasons to see a dermatologist

All too often you can spot a skin condition on your own, starting with some self-medication is never a bad thing. We have all had home remedies from our parents and grandparents, for example, an oatmeal bath for poison ivy; there are plenty of do-it-yourself ideas. But sometimes they don't work, and that’s when it’s time to find a dermatologist. Here are four scenarios when making an appointment is your best bet for relief. Look here for your local skin specialist Adelaide.

1. You have a rash that’s not going away.

Mild rashes are a regular part of everyday life. It’s not easy to predict what can irritate the skin.

The cause can be anything from new detergent to a viral infection. Having a rash whether it's itchy or not that doesn’t show signs of improvement after a week; it’s time to look for a dermatologist. A dermatologist can diagnose immediately and prescribe a treatment. However, sometimes additional testing may be required.

2. You’re getting older faster than you want.

Dermatologists can't turn back time, but they can alleviate some of father time’s effects on your skin. Aging is a multibillion-dollar industry, so your dermatologist should have plenty of the latest options available.

3. Your acne won't go away.

In most cases, occasional breakouts and blemishes are minor enough to treat with drugstore creams efficiently, but some persist. Different factors can contribute to acne, so a targeted approach can be useful.

4. You’re embarrassed.

A dermatologist can help regardless if it’s causing you embarrassment or holding you back from enjoying normal things that others do. Even if it a new rash to even an old birthmark, a dermatologist has seen it all and has the right tools for effectively managing whatever is bothering you. So find your local professional today.