5 Best Toddler Beds

5 Best Toddler Beds

Too many of Houston's children do not have beds and are sleeping on the floor. An opportunity for A Better Night's Sleep” is provided through our bed distributions. This program provides mattresses, bed frames, sheets, pillows and blankets to over 9,000 children in need.

Choose a classic style of toddler bed in a white finish. Fully assemble the bed, then place it in a spacious, well-ventilated area where it can be sprayed. Use an HVLP paint sprayer to add two coats of glossy porch and deck paint to the bed. Tip: HVLP (high-volume, low-pressure) sprayers are rented for an average of $65 per day at most home improvement stores.

I bought this at the beginning of the year for my almost 2 year old. He is a big fan of Jake and the Never Land Pirates, so I knew this bed would be a hit. His room is decorated in an underwater theme also and this bed fit in perfectly. It was a little bit bigger than I anticipated, but we made it fit nicely. My husband was able to put this together very easily and quick. My son loves to act like a pirate and sail his ship. The three lights on it are great as well because he is able to turn them on when it's bed time and they go out quickly so he can fall asleep. I would definitely recommend this bed!!

Newborne's toddler bed established a true product category for the juvenile furniture industry with almost a quarter million beds sold in 1991 and 1992. As can happen to any non-patentable basic concept in a free market, My Little Bed” was paid the ultimate compliment by becoming copied by at least half a dozen other companies who made metal, ready to assemble furniture, most much larger than Newborne. Just as the climate for increasing market shares became overly competitive, Newborne transferred the marketing rights of My Little Bed” to The Fisher-Price Company.

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