A Beginner’s Guide to Wide-Format Printers

A Beginner’s Guide to Wide-Format Printers

Printers come in various forms. There is a large format printer for industrial printing that is so large that it can take up space throughout the room.

There is also a mini-printer for printing very small photos so that it can fit in the palm of your hand. The wide format printer, on the other hand, is between the two. You can purchase UV flatbed printer online.


What is a wide-format printer? The term "wide format printer" is a general term for any printer that can print any media that is 17 inches to one hundred inches wide. Any printer that can work with media larger than 100 inches is called a super wide printer.

Use of a Wide Format Printer

At present, wide format printing is more commercial than consumer business, so it is rarely found at home. You are more likely to find this printer in printing, printing shops, in art and design studios, and in engineering and architecture companies.

Advantages of a Wide Format Printer

What makes a wide-format printer cut above traditional printing methods such as offset printing or silk screen printing? There are many benefits that can be seen by printer service providers with wide format printing, and among them is the fact that this printer can print on demand rather than in bulk.

This can save a lot of money and prevent waste in office supplies if you only need a few printed copies rather than the whole.