All You Need To Know About Urine Drug Test

A urine culture appears especially for the germs which can cause infection in the urinary tract. Normally urine is sterile – it has no germs growing inside. Urine can be collected in one of two ways.

The external genital area is cleaned using a sterilizing solution prior to bag positioning. Get more information about drug testing kits through various online websites.

Unfortunately, despite comprehensive cleaning, normal bacteria that grow on the skin can quickly contaminate the bagged specimen. As a result, while a bag collection is often adequate for a urinalysis, it is not the best way to get a urine culture.

The friendlier – but also more accurate – strategy to collecting urine for a culture is using a catheter. In this case, the external genital region is also cleaned using a sterilizing solution.

This is a comparatively sterile approach, because the urine is not as likely to become contaminated with the bacteria that normally live on the skin.

A urine culture often requires only a few drops of pee. When both a urinalysis and a culture must be performed, the specimen can be gathered all at once, with part put into a sterile cup (such as your civilization ) and the remainder collected into a no sterile cup (such as your urinalysis).

Remember, though, that if the urine must be sterile for a civilization, then the whole collection process has to be sterile.

Consequently, if a no sterile strategy is used for the set – for example, if the place is not cleaned with a sterilizing solution or if the principal collection container isn't sterile – subsequently a urine culture cannot be performed with this specimen.

Antibiotics can then be added to the plate to determine which drug will be most effective in eliminating the disease.