Amazon’s Online Sellers Policy

Amazon’s Online Sellers Policy

This is the very first ever insurance coverage for sellers to cover operating expenses should their own online shop be frozen.  Amazon insurance services are very helpful for the sellers and buyers for safe dealing with products online. Policies start as little as $92.80permonth for $1,000daily in costs, all of the ways to around $10,000daily for $278.40monthly.

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Employees Compensation Insurance: Workers Comp is the state-controlled policy that’s required to help cover any work-related injury which may occur to a worker.  These coverages are ranked based on actual payroll figures for the company.

Umbrella/Excess Liability: Another liability coverage that offers excess liability if the company is brought to a litigation or facing a decision in excess of the overall liability limits provide.  Ex: If a company is facing a $1.5 million decision as among something that they had been legally accountable for the general liability coverage would cover the initial $1mm and the umbrella could kick in to cover the extra $500,000.

Cyber Liability Insurance: This coverage is essential for any company which utilizes any digital info.  That company could be prosecuted for data breach and other cyber crimes.  This may include things like paying legal fees, settlements or decisions.  Your general liability coverage might not cover these correctly.

Ocean Marine: The fundamental sea freight coverage ensures sea and airfares, protecting the vendor’s product for physical loss or damage by external forces, shore to shore.

EPLI — Employment Practices Liability Insurance: This is intended to give coverage for lawsuits or claims brought against a company, its own officers/directors, and or personnel and supervisors for discrimination, sexual harassment, wrongful termination or other employee-related allegations which may arise. Such as the Amazon Marketplace, sellers’ companies are continuously evolving.  Thus, your insurance requirements are sure to change along with your company