Bird Pests In the Food Industry

Bird Pests In the Food Industry

Any solution to reduce access of birds requires a previous study and the appropriateness of specific measures for each circumstance and variety of bird.


The spring isn’t only defined by the flowering of kinds of plants out of the wild cosmetic and productive. It’s also characterized with the arrival and breeding of many bird species and birds that nest or try to find food in most areas of agricultural productivity in food stores or processing and production places.


Currently, you’ll find well-defined mechanisms to address the issues caused by insects and rodents in centers where food is stored or processed. The methods for its protection of those developing areas have undergone significant progress, allowing largely mitigate the harmful consequences they cause in harvest pests.


In controlling pest birds no single system is suitable for all instances. It depends on individual scenarios, the species to control, the variety of individuals and their connection to the place you would like to protect. Consequently, before selecting some of those methods available, it’s advisable to consult an expert to reveal exactly what might work in each instance, to be able to make use of our own time and money on people who already have a prospect of succeeding.   Rather than this, If you want to buy Bird protection sling (also known as ”  ม่านสลิงป้องกันนก ”  click at in the Thai language )







In this sense, it’s important to note that lots of wild birds have been carriers of pathogenic microorganisms, particular bacteria such as Salmonella, Campylobacter and Escherichia coli. In these circumstances, the probability of transmission of pathogens is elevated, particularly if the birds have access to storage areas of raw materials or finished product.


The Way to limit access to this birds

Pest control bird is dependent upon each specific state of affairs, to control the species and its relationship to the spectacle to protect the main issue posed by birds to regulate is its power to fly. Its elevated mobility, in conjunction with legal restrictions on the use of toxins, requires using pigeon bird control techniques which have varying degrees of success, based upon each instance.

These solutions comprise, first, people who hunted prevent access from birds to protect places of interest. And mesh networks are often quite effective around specific locations or within the openings whereby the birds enter buildings. Its main disadvantage is that snare pollen, leaves, and other substances and can become a heap of dirt. Rather than this, Find all about Permanent chasing system from (which is also known as “ ระบบไล่จากถาวร ” in the Thai language )

Still another way to limit access to the birds would be using repellent procedures. These include gels and liquids. The first jumble too and they adhere elements carried by the end as algae, insects or leaves. The latter emit strong odors and should be implemented by authorized personnel in the handling of chemicals, on a monthly or therefore. Another possibility is ultrasound.