Birth of the Digital Agency

Birth of the Digital Agency

High performing companies know that they can't ignore the value of their internet and digital initiatives as communication and marketing platforms to contact their customers and target markets.

According to Wikipedia, a digital agency is a company that provides services for the technical and creative development of Internet-based products.

Birth of the Digital Agency

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The challenge for these companies if you are searching for a service provider for web design, development and internet marketing services, is the way to isolate the ‘right' service supplier from the thousands on the marketplace.

An eight-year-old can build a site these days (yes, I have seen it), so what do companies serious about succeeding online need to search for?

These services include the more generalist like web design, email marketing, logo design, and microsites, to the more expert like custom built content management systems, e-commerce, web software development, social media marketing, cellular compatible web development, search engine optimization, and systems integration solutions.

Digital agencies often differ from their traditional advertising agencies and their advertising agency counterparts because they often deliver only specific kinds of web complimentary off-line services like logo design, icon design, and graphic design.

Some marketing and advertising agencies do however try to deliver digital work but there are numerous shortfalls for companies that are serious about online solutions using their services.

During these last few years, much has changed in the advertising landscape. Now I may be wrong by mentioning this, but my perception is that in the last few decades, traditional advertising and marketing agencies which have moved toward the internet landscape still have a flimsy grasp of it.