One of the best ways to improve the appearance of your bathroom is to install a bathroom ceiling cladding. Cladding adds texture to the room and could make it feel comfortable and cozy. When choosing a cladding material, you need to find the people who will work well to improve the overall design of the bathroom.

There are many materials available on the market, made by different manufacturers. Here are three common types of roof cladding.


While PVC is cheap and convenient, nothing beats the original wooden display. Artificial wood wall and ceiling panel ( which is also known as ‘ผนังและเพดานไม้เทียม’ in the Thai language ) will make the bathroom look classy. If you have the budget for it, install wood sheets will help to increase the value of the bathrooms and the home extension.

This type of wood, as well as finishing that you use, it will have a major influence on the overall outcome. Although you can choose to paint the wood, staining to maintain a natural look that gives a better effect.

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PVC boards are very popular because of its low cost and the variety available. Boards are waterproof and do not need treatment, making them quite comfortable.

Easy to implement the board does not require any paint and they can be installed on various types of ceiling including plaster and plasterboard. Panels are attached using joints that come in various styles. Joints are often hidden to give the palate a perfect effect.


Some people choose to install tile instead of a longboard. Tile cladding can be used to create a bathroom design very beautiful and when matched with the bathroom wall panels can create a modern look good. PVC cladding tiles are also cheap and they come in various colors and designs to suit every bathroom.

When choosing a ceiling cladding for your bathroom, you have to think about the theme of your bathroom. Unless you intend to modernize the whole bathroom, you should stick to the overall theme. This will help to avoid creating a bathroom that looks random or unsuitable.

The basic intent of peoples head to visit a restaurant is to enjoy the luxurious dishes served in another atmosphere. However besides the sumptuous cuisines, clients also importantly examine the decoration completed in the insides. It means that in order to earn your Restaurant Business a terrific success, it’s essential that besides serving scrumptious dishes the insides of it should also be very appealing and attractive.

Interior decoration of a restaurant produces a various impact in magnetizing a bulk of consumers as well as offering high-grade services and food. Also, as it’s fairly clear that the cutthroat competition continues to develop every passing day, so it creates an excellent sense to outperform as far as you can.

Spicing up the restaurant surrounding sounds a levelheaded choice since most customers want to dine in a heavenly setting that leads to intoxicate their spirits really well. Also, an extremely sophisticated interior design will set you apart from the normal restaurants available on the sector and inspire them easily to stop by the restaurant time and again. If you want to enhance your restaurant value by way of interior designing then you can check out ASC Interior.

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An excellent interior design restaurant, overall, can make the magic. Creating a terrific and distinctive restaurant interior design isn’t from the ordinary but using small artistic abilities, it is likely to cater to the requirement.

Generally speaking, what you can do on your own include the installation of low light, candlelight, smaller seats and tables along with portioned off places. You should also be certain that the music you perform at the eatery is set to a moderate degree to lower the amount of noise there.

Irrespective of the type of feel you’re opting for, you want to go for high-grade fabrics that may endure abuse and clean for a longer time period. Furthermore, you should select wooden chairs and tables as these are proven to last longer and provide a robust spot for the end users to sit.