Your health is above everything else. The old saying goes: without health you have nothing, and this is true. Exercise, eat clean and take proper rest.

Take care of your body so that you can have a chance to lead a full life. If you want to know more ideas that how to live life happily and want to collect all good memories then you can pop over to


Take care to do something that you love. It seems cliche, but work less and love more. You won’t regret taking a holiday, creating a new interest or spending quality time with a person who makes you happy.

Quit taking your own life so badly. Why shooting your life so seriously? Well, take the time to have fun and laugh.

Say exactly what you ought to say. If you like somebody, tell them if somebody makes you hurt, inform them. In case you have trouble communicating your feelings, then you can write them down. Make sure that everybody around you understands your feelings.

Be receptive to opportunities. When you see something curled, dark from the garbage can, you might jump with fear initially. However, you’ll realize that it is only a green hose following a closer look. You cannot help laughing for wrongly thinking it. Quit getting trapped by your untrue assumption.

Flow your heart. Quit comparing with other people and seeking the perfection. Your life isn’t a masquerade ball, take the mask off and be yourself.