Commonly Used Types of Lanyards


The main use of a lanyard is to carry small things like ID cards, keys, important documents, water bottles, and wallet and so on. Its use is not limited to carrying small things but also makes for a great promotional product and giveaway item. Below are some types of lanyards that are commonly used in both small and high-end business advertisement campaigns.

1. Plain lanyards

This is the most basic and simple style of lanyards. It usually consists of a string or rope and has a minimal amount of printing on them. These are usually available in one colour and do not consist of any fancy accessories. This type of lanyard is usually used by small businesses as they are economical and last longer.

2. Badge Lanyards

These lanyards are specifically designed to carry and hold ID cards or badges of employees. They are often used in office settings by workers and employees. Usually, this kind of lanyards have a logo or tagline of the organization on them. So they are not only used for carrying the ID card but also help in promoting business. 

3. Beaded lanyards

These are a stylish version of lanyards and are often used to make a style statement. These lanyards come with different types of attachments and are more stylish as compared to other types of lanyards. You can always use them to carry various things like USB drive, cell phones, camera and wallets. They are available in various material and last a long time.

Apart from these, conference lanyards are often used at official events like trade shows, conferences and so on.