Different uses of Lapel pins

Earlier lapel pins were used as a sign of remembering events and days. Now they are used as a style statement in parties and occasions. History states that lapel pins were earlier used to categorise army men of American civil war into different regiments. They have now emerged to indicate patriotism, sports, and other social causes.


Different uses of lapel pins

Lapel pins are used for multiple purposes in different forms and varieties.

  • They are used for promoting individual clubs and organisations as an identity for their members. Moreover, they are still used in regiments and army camps.
  • The pins are small yet noticeable by all. Thus, they are designed in many ways, for kids, youth, etc. For instance, men wear flower lapel pins on their coats and suits. They are very pretty and appealing to many. They also go along with the attire and thus useful to promote a social cause.
  • The lapel pins come in various shapes, colours and sizes. The pins are designed according to the need of promotion and nature of the organisation.
  • Lapel pins are used to spread awareness about health-related issues by charitable institutions. These pins have a definite meaning to what they resemble and the reason that they are worn.
  • Academic institutions have also adopted the use of lapel pins to categories different ranks and degrees during congregations and conferences.
  • Some business organisations also promote their business with free distribution of their logos on lapel pins.