How FBA Can Increase Your Sales and Profits

FBA is a process where sellers send their items to Amazon and Amazon register them on the site, make payments, deal with enquirers and buyers, and fulfill orders. Immediately after, Amazon sent a portion of the results back to the seller.

The process is easily understood and well documented in a simple step-by-step format on the site, but using FBA can make sellers far less than doing all sales and shipping of goods directly to buyers. You can hire Amazon FBA specialist from

Amazon's FBA costs are quite high, not only for space to store seller's goods in the company's warehouse, but also to collect goods from storage, and pack and deliver goods to buyers.

For products with low profits, Amazon may be able to get more than the price paid by the buyer than the seller receives from the company. There is even a story of sellers who lose money for sales made using Amazon Fulfillment.

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– Choose products that are similar but not the same as items that have attracted high profits, regular sales on Amazon. When you find it, make your offer different from other sellers, by offering each sales bonus package or adding your own attractive packaging to a private label product to make it stand out from competing products. Give your product their own unique title and in that way, they cannot be compared or the price checked on Amazon.

– Choose a product that matches the high-frequency search term for other items on Amazon. Write down keywords that are common to Amazon's best-selling products similar to the ones you propose for sale.

See how many best-selling items contain one or more of these keywords and use examples that are more frequent in your Amazon titles and lists. Use the most frequent keywords on behalf of your product but without violating trademark laws or using brand names.

– Choose items that are small and light, because Amazon imposes a fee based on the space needed to store your product and based on the weight of each package issued from storage and packaged for shipping.

Last but not least, you will find FBA more expensive than doing everything yourself, but you will save time spent on unproductive tasks and focus on more profitable jobs, such as finding new products and expanding your best-selling products to places other marketing.