Innovative Dairy Farming Models for Improved Sustainability

Innovative Dairy Farming Models for Improved Sustainability

If you own a dairy farm, you probably know the amount of hard work that goes into tackling your herd and at the same time, keep a check on their health. Herd management is essentially important especially if it is your primary source of income.

The concept of Connected Cows

Many companies have acquired the idea of connected cows and blend it with the concept of the Internet of Things (IoT).

The goal is to design cow wearable that would let you monitor your cows using an app in your hand which refurbishes the notion of on-premise dairy farming.

These cow wearables are available in forms like necklace tags or pedometers that come with motion sensors and microphone. You can browse to know more about Dairy Farming Software.

The system alerts the user on any suspicious, increased activity which often means the cow is either in heat or health problem.

Also, there is a smart pill that remains in the cow's belly for a lifetime which measures core temperature, respiration and heart rate, stomach-contraction rate, rumination level, and so forth.

The system collects data from the sensors and wirelessly transmits the data to mobile application giving dairy farmers access to the data on cows' heat cycles and health at any time from any place.

What the Future Holds

The idea of connected cows enables farmers to be more productive, augment their operations and take better care of their herd which altogether proves crucial to the future of the dairy industry.

The young farmers desire for technology solutions that could make their work easy and more profitable at the same time. They would have forgone the dairy business had the technology not been available.

The ability to monitor the cows remotely and the availability of plenty of information on a smartphone has done away with the compulsion of being on the farm. The younger generation surely has an edge that the older one never had which is a great thing.