Introduction to the Disruptive Physician

Introduction to the Disruptive Physician

Equal chance handicap:

  • Time in clinic
  • Race, ethnicity, sex
  • Specialty
  • Position of training
  • Frequently good physicians (great clinicians)

Behavioral Topics:

  • It is private and usually angry
  • Uses patient care comes first to warrant behavior
  • Always right about the Medication
  • Insulting and power based
  • Rare to possess insight into the effects of behavior
  • Goes undercover for various
  • Lengths of time; can be turned off and on
  • Litigious
  • Disrupts the smooth operation of this organization through subverting policy, gossip, innuendo, and noncompliance.

Disruptive physicians quite often are:

  • Able and Intelligent
  • Have great intentions
  • Have a strong commitment to great patient care
  • However, they have lower than average emotional intelligence
  • Lack of insight
  • Perfectionistic behavior, excessive compulsivity
  • Poor social relationships

Along with the anxiety, anxiety, frustration which occurs in all physicians with the tradition of medicine plus the low emotional intelligence component of their personality contributes to these disruptive behaviors. To know more about the disruptive behavior you can refer to the source: Report Unsafe Working Conditions | Unsafe Work Environment.

What’s NOT Disruptive Behavior?

  • Healthcare professionals who disagree with coverage and energetically work in existing structures for change
  • Healthcare professionals that report quality problems to external agencies
  • Healthcare professionals that are persistent (but civil) about creating things to boost patient care
  • Physicians who can use unique methods to deal with patients
  • Healthcare professionals that embrace tough negotiating places
  • Healthcare professionals that desire the CEO of this hospital fire