Motorcycle Touring All Around The World

Motorcycle Touring All Around The World

Touring on motorcycles has now turned into a huge thing, it was the grey nomads would venture off into retirement with their caravan, four-wheel drive vehicle and a map with no notion of where the next week will take them.Now people are retiring earlier than ever before and heading abroad for some experience on the back of a bicycle. The best way to take a short and intensive adventure with the Tamar Mediterranean Moto Tours on motorcycle tours.

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It’s now a simple thing to find the world on a bike, there are lots of tours which you could pre-book before you even leave home, or you may arrive on your country of choice and so long as you have the necessary driving permit requirements, you can hire a bicycle and set off into the sunset.

Travelling on two wheels can be enjoyable for all ages, in Thailand scooters are the primary source of transportation, and it’s not unusual to find an entire family on one scooter and their shopping, and it’s very cheap there for tourists to employ these scooters to find the gorgeous island.

Imagine stopping along the roadside in a gorgeous small cafe for lunch before heading off to the day to a secluded beach for some swimming and snorkeling. Thailand is particularly great because it’s so inexpensive to stay, eat and shop there, and also to hire a scooter.