Popular Japanese Cuisines

Popular Japanese Cuisines

The Japanese are known to appreciate their food, which may be observed from the amount of takeaway and restaurants which are very well recognized and cooking programs on TV are now revealing farther eastern cuisine dishes. The West has embraced Japanese cuisine and fish is a popular dish served in many restaurants

Here are some popular Japanese Cuisines

Sashimi and sushi

A lot of people don’t realize that both of these dishes are more or less exactly the same. Sashimi is a dish that’s comprised of uncooked fish thinly sliced that’s served with a hot Japanese horseradish called wasabi in which sushi is also thinly sliced raw fish but functioned with vinegared rice. To know more about Japanese Cuisines, Visit us www.channelj.in.th

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Domburimo is meals which include a bowl of rice that is coated with an assortment of toppings such as boiled poultry, beef, egg, deep-fried fish or heavy fried egg and pork. All these are popular takeaway dishes arranged and are complimented nicely by additional dishes such as miso soup and pickles.


Possibly the most well-known dish in Western cuisine, Tempura is a very simple but tasty dish. Tempura is a light batter and fish and vegetables are dipped in this batter then deep-fried, the outcome is yummy and crispy food that’s served with a skillet.


Sukiyaki is a savory noodle dish of veggies and beef. The option of vegetables utilized is generally green onions, shiitake mushrooms together with the inclusion of kale and gelatinous noodles.