Sourcing Products With Wholesale Directories

Sourcing Products With Wholesale Directories

While Salehoo was established more than ten years ago in 2005, WorldwideBrands is even older – it was founded in 1999 by Chris Malta, back then one of the first eBay power sellers.  He set it up to help other eBay sellers find reliable suppliers that were both cheap to buy from and willing to supply in small quantities – or drop ship – for their customers.

Both Worldwide Brands and Salehoo are still going to this day – they both have about 8,000 wholesalers, drop shippers and manufacturers listed and from these millions of products for sale at trade prices.

With more than 16 million wholesale products, Worldwide Brands is much larger than Salehoo – which has only 2.5 million in it’s database.  With so many products, rivalling even the top Chinese marketplaces like Ali Express and DHGate, it’s easy to find what you’re looking for in Worldwide Brands, but Salehoo is a useful source of wholesale goods too.

There really is a difference in the cost of membership though – while Salehoo costs only $67 per year, Worldwide Brands costs about $300, but then that’s for lifetime membership and there are no annual fees.

While both Worldwide Brands and Salehoo are good sources of wholesalers and drop shippers, if you have the money to spend then I’d recommend giving WWB a try first.