Everyone is looking for a value, a way to spend less money and get more in return. There are some surefire classics for saving money, but it’s extra important to watch for value on luxury items like fancy Egyptian cotton sheets. Getting the best price for Egyptian cotton sheets isn’t that hard, but you might have to be a little extra patient and wait for the right sale.

You’ll have to be careful to shop smart as well. Sheets made from Egyptian cotton are one of the most frequently counterfeited, knocked off, and carefully labeled items you’ll come across. Make sure the sheets are from a known and reviewed brand, that they say 100% Egyptian cotton, and that you’re shopping from a trusted vendor or online store.

The easiest way to get a bargain is to save up and wait for spring white sales. These sales focus on household linens like towels, tablecloths, sheets, and other bedding. Even luxury brands offer significant discounts on basics, and you can pick up a few sheet sets for much less than you would any other time of year. If you shop carefully, you can combine coupons and white sales, expecting to receive a 50% discount – or more.