Golovkin, Gennady will be protecting all of his world titles in the ring against Canelo Alvarez. And on the 16th of September is the time that everything will go down as many fans are anticipating for this fight to happen. With everything on the roll and on the line, the Canelo vs GGG tickets is making its presence in the market until it is sold out.

On the different side of the coin, ESPN highlighted Canelo on his side about his thoughts fighting for all of the titles that Golovkin have but Canelo has a different opinion on his take. Canelo is not interested nor does not want the WBC world title that Golovkin has right now but on the different titles that he has in his possession. Canelo stated in some of his interviews as well that he is not interested in that said title because of his past experience with it and the feeling that he went through for that title.

But, Canelo will be working hard day and night to gain the IBF and WBA world titles in the middleweight division which is he is more interested fighting in it.

Moreover, Canelo is happy that he is given an opportunity to make himself big in the middleweight division and fight for the title that he longs for. He is grateful about the upcoming fight and stated that this will be the biggest fight that he is going to encounter in his professional career. On Golovkin’s title, if Canelo wins victor in the fight, the WBC title will be vacant and who knows what would be the outcome to that situation, maybe a new bout for that title for grabs. Golovkin is offering all of his belts if Canelo successfully defeats him this September 16 mega fight but it will then be decided when the time comes and everything is taking place.