Healthy eating is no longer just about losing weight. With overwhelming evidence that what we eat affects our physical and mental health, it makes sense to be more mindful of what we consume on a daily basis.

On the plus side, healthy eating no longer means starving yourself with rabbit food. It simply means being aware of how the food you eat impacts your body.

This can be daunting for anyone considering a lifestyle change so it helps if you follow a strategic weight loss plan that comes with clear guidelines. Recent studies have shown that a low-carbohydrate diet leads to improved health and weight loss, so you may consider adapting a “low-carb” diet as part of your normal way of life.

Here are three plans to consider.

1. The 3 week diet plan

The 3 week diet plan is a unique way of restricting yourself for only half the day. For the other half, you can still eat all your favorite foods.

2. Banting

On a Banting diet, you eat only unprocessed foods. Some dairy is allowed, but fruit is limited to the odd apple, berry, or coconut.

3. Paleo

Paleo is similar to Banting with the difference being that dairy isn’t allowed. But you can have one to three servings of fruit a day!

Which one of these plans appeals to you the most? For me, the 3 week diet is a clear winner.