Do you plan to immediately buy a house? After years of hard work and adding to your savings account, you finally get enough money to buy a house. Although saving for housing funds is very challenging, what will happen next may be a more difficult task – identifying the type of house you need or want.

Most prospective homeowners narrow their choices to one house or condo unit. Both strike options appeal to different buyers, but condominiums may be the upper hand. You may explore to find the best NYC luxury condos.

The condo is not a definition of a housing structure, but rather signifies the form of ownership given to new buyers and owners. When you buy a condo unit, you are actually buying a home unit plus a portion of the facilities that the property has.

This might include the reception area, lobby, hallway, rooftop pool, mini cinema, etc. For this reason, the cost of condominium units is higher than ordinary single homes. Even so, the luxury and benefits you get easily make up for the initial costs.

Main location

Location may be one of the main reasons why people buy condo units. Condos established in safe and well-developed areas attract many wealthy buyers who have enough money to splurge.

Indoor Condo

Condo areas are generally located near business areas, shopping centers, schools, government facilities, law enforcement, and other landmarks that people want to have access to every day. Condo units are also positioned intelligently near the main road for transportation availability.

In addition to outside facilities, condominiums also have facilities and are free for the community. The indoor pool is a standard facility. A fully stocked mini bar and restaurant are also open for members. Cinema and film meetings can also be displayed, but are limited to condo members.


The amount per square unit condo recording is usually less than identical separate housing costs. Your monthly premium for loans will also be lower than what you pay to rent an apartment unit that has relative space and quality. Apart from the initial costs, the ongoing costs of staying in a condo are also cheaper.


The condo building enforces 24/7 staff and uses the latest security systems available for military protection for tenants. The entrance must first be obtained through the public entrance and then to the private entrance.

If you're in the market to find the very best NYC condominium, you will find a lot to pick from, builders boast of their condo's sterling location, features and amenities, but what counts is how your distinctive lifestyle will fit your preferred condominium's unique attributes. Much like finding a spouse, it is all about compatibility.

If you want to come back home to picturesque views of the New York City sunset, you might elect to get a NYC luxury condo.  Retirees or empty nesters would really like to look out of their balconies or windows and breathe in the magnificent sunset scenery facing them.

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If you especially love an sense of culture and community, where the environment is relaxed, the people understand each other, the conversations are light and earthy, in which the mood is light, then you will appreciate living in a NYC luxury condominium.

There is a defined culture here, from the hallowed halls of the Cultural Center of the NYCs into the down-to-earth feel in the restaurants and bars, a bohemian-like ambience to each place you go. This is where to be and the condo to select for people that prefer to commune with other individuals, for the free-spirits and the easygoing individuals.

Condominiums can be a wonderful homeownership option for many men and women. The low maintenance and shared community area are attractive to several kinds of buyers who also wish to have their own dwelling. But luxury condos also have extensive legal frameworks.

 If you are contemplating buying a condominium our exclusive marketing & sales agent is always with you, you should first be aware of all of the structure surrounding condominium ownership to ascertain if it's the best match for your situation.

Things to Know About Condominium Associations

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When you buy a condo, you're buying a single unit within the condominium complex–essentially you have everything inside your walls.

You're also buying a share of the condo at large–the shared land. This shared property contains any common space, like pools, lawns, and roofs. 

Condos generally asses your part of possession depending on the size of the unit which you purchase. The assessment of your unit dimensions together with the anticipated upkeep of shared property determines the association fee you will be asked to pay on a monthly, semi-annual, or yearly basis.

The collected fees are used to pay for the upkeep of shared condo property, and can include:

• Lawn Services

• Pool or club home maintenance

• Roof, sidewalk, exterior construction repair

• Road maintenance

Condos are regulated by laws which are listed in addition to the plat of unit and land branch at the local land office. The condo association is the legal entity that is responsible for establishing and implementing the bylaws.

While all unit members maintain possession of the condo and are members of the condo association, a board of supervisors typically holds the forces of the condo association.