Admired for centuries, the bead has ever been the symbol of eternal love. Thus, it’s just natural that it is the featured gemstone in regards to fine designer jewelry pieces. It is also April’s birthstone and now used by people as april birthstone jewelry.

Historically, the diamond, the hardest known bead, has been correlated with powerful healing powers, and also the capability to draw people closer. The belief originated from the gemstone’s clarity and a wider approval that diamonds have been a byproduct of bleach.

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For the fine designer jewelry collectors that the diamond’s luster can help to brighten any slice, while it’s functioning as a center stone or a side stone. That has not changed. What’s changed is that the diamond is no more devoted to only engagement rings — a situation it has preserved for ages.

Now with exceptional and colored engagement stones being all the rave diamonds are used in regular nice designer bits — and are worn with almost any outfit. When its earrings, bracelets or bracelets, diamonds encourage and match any wearer’s want to stand out and be particular.