Taxotere Lawsuit News & Updates

Taxotere Lawsuit News & Updates

There are many past defective drug lawsuits have had billions of dollars in a settlement fund, and then that is divided up between all who have joined the lawsuit.

Example: $60, 000, 000 in a settlement fund that would assist 2, 000 victims would be $40, 000 for all person. This is simply an example and does not represent what may happen for Taxotere.Oct. 5, 20-15. To gather more data related to Taxotere Lawsuit you can visit at

The Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation Mastered to Combine federal Taxotere Suits from the Eastern District of Louisiana, U.S District Judge Lance M. Africk presiding. Approximately 8 9 activities were pending in federal courts nationally during the period of consolidation.

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Jan.7, 20 16 — The Judicial Panel explained in a letter which cases between the generic kind of Taxotere, docetaxel, could be comprised from the continuing lawsuit. This efficiently widened the range of Taxotere lawsuit to comprise cases against conventional manufacturers.

February 20 16 — The range of all Taxotere lawsuits almost dropped between December and January, jumping from under 300 cases ahead of Christmas to over 700 from January 20 17.

February 20 14 — French authorities announced a research to Taxotere later 5 women died from complications of this medication. Lawsuits continue to be filed against Sanofi from the U.S.