What Are Video Splitter And How They Are Helpful In Saving Space

What Are Video Splitter And How They Are Helpful In Saving Space

There’s simply too much equipment and inadequate space. Thankfully, now you can eliminate plenty of clutter due to having a monitor, keyboard and monitoring device connected to each computer. To be able to get rid of the extra apparatus, use a quad screen splitter, also called Rackmount quad screen splitter, or quad video splitter to show video signals coming from four distinct computers.Just connect the video cables using either the analog VGA 15 Pin or digital DVI-D single connection on the computer into the link on the quad monitor splitter device. Purchase online video splitters of best quality at a reasonable price from the Best Seller Of Video Splitter.

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Cascade multiple quad display splitters together to handle several computers. Free up a great deal of space by eliminating the need to use several mouse and keyboards. This system is a KVM (keyboard/video/mouse) apparatus controlled by buttons on the front of the unit.

The splitter can split the LCD or Video display into four equal-sized segments when used in Quad Mode. This permits the operator to see all four systems on the same display. Another manner is PIP quad video splitter mode.

PIP, or picture-in-a-picture, functions like PIP functions on a tv screen. The four Video resources are all displayed on one track, however, the selected video source takes up the most important area of the display while the other three sources are displayed on the right side as thumbnails.