Villas at Moraira – Spain

Villas at Moraira – Spain

Moraria, a place recognized for its serenity is located on the shores of the well-known beach Costa Blanca off the Mediterranean Sea. With the sea on one side and the charming opinion of the foothills on the other side, it is definitely a place to visit to relish the splendor of nature.

Moraria, a little fishing community hosts many restaurants and stores.  It’s also a historic place having many coves.

Teulada, a road market is merely about eight km from Moraira.  It’s also famous for its water sports on the sea. You can also look for apartments to lease in Moraira by clicking right over here.


Located at an elevated location approximately 40 meters above the sea level, this is a perfect spot for nature lovers to enjoy their vacation peacefully.  The location could be reached by road through N 332 and AP 7 that is a cover road.  Many famous wine lawns lure the visitors to the location.

Villa Casa Mazo is located in the quiet environment of the hillside; this condominium is the great location for quiet living.  Throughout your whole stay, you like the many spectacular views of the villa.

Equipped with 3 bedrooms and 3 baths with smaller terraces and balcony, it’s no surprise why visitors want to create Casa Mazo their initial selection for a comfortable stay.