What is a Focal Point in Landscape Design?


Focal point needs to be added in every design. Directing the eyes and giving rest to the eyes is what focal point does. Focal point is the place where the eye gets attracted to. In the same manner for gardens, it is important to include a focal point to draw some attention in the viewer’s memory. These are some important tips for focal point.

1. Make it Personal –Choose an item that is appealing to you. Avoid something that you saw in a magazine. For eg., if sunflower is your style and taste then make them as your main focal point.

2. Play with different colors – A single light color goes really well with darker one. Similarly, you can make your green garden chairs as your main focal point.

3. Avoid placing focal point on the center – A designer will always avoid placing focal point on the center of their design.

4. Choose good and strong objects – Always choose a strong, powerful and multi-seasonal object as your main focal point.

5. Figure out the correct proportion of the garden – The size of the focal point must suit the size of the garden. For example, a bigsize statue may look appealing in a large garden. But the same statue may look unattractive in a small-size garden.

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