Start a House Cleaning Business

Start a House Cleaning Business

You may believe that starting a house cleaning business is as simple as buying supplies and handing out leaflets. Or, you might think that buying a cleaning franchise will make the effort easier. Either way, you choose to start your business, you should be ready to become a small business owner.

Before you start a home cleaning business, carefully consider the following:

Is there a high demand for house cleaning services in your community and surrounding areas? If you live in a small town you may have to market your business to neighboring communities.

You may need to lease space to the center of your service area to ensure that the drive time will not consume an inordinate amount of employee compensation.

Is there a major franchise outlet in your area? If so, they have been researching demographics and determine that it is possible to succeed. It will be your responsibility to manage your business efficiently and to hire wisely to compete with the franchise.

Remember that they are facing the same challenges are not an independent business in marketing, managing employees and maintain a revenue stream; however, they must pay a percentage of their gross profits to the franchisor.

What is the cost per hour on average for the services of your competitors? You should remain in local standards. You can undercut your competitors a little, but do not cut yourself short.