What is Lip Embroidery Course?

What is Lip Embroidery Course?

All lips are different and therefore demands can vary. Lip Embroidery is a semi-permanent cosmetic technique in which a semi-permanent pigmentation of the epidermis employs that resembles lipstick.

Most Makeup artists use lip color pigments directly on the lips which is very sensitive to try to force in many colors and cause bleeding and pain to the client while wondering why the results are not satisfactory after healing or color becomes patchy. Proper training is required to do good lip embroidery so that clients do not walk out of the clinic with their sausage lips. 

Lip embroidery enhancement in Singapore helps to brighten and lighten dark lips into your lip color tone selection.

As a basic color on everybody's lips is different, mixing colors for steps lip color correction should be done before the actual treatment, the right to the details of the ratio of the colors used and how to make sure that the colors blended well are essential for optimal results.

Layering of colors is also important. Enhanced upgrade double row machines, tools and techniques to assist in the absorption of color faster and better. Ensure a pain-free and prevention of swelling during and after treatment and with proper care that prevents blisters lips are very important too.


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